About us


Mexican BlackBird Kennel never breed in great quantities. We strive to breed qualitydogs that fits for everyday familylife, aswell as hard work, show & play. Our goal is of course typical dogs that fit the standard both in body & mind.

All our dogs are tested for, or genetically clear from Ataxia and we always x-ray on hips & elbows before even considering breeding. As far as possible, all dogs used in our breedingprogram are Mentalitytested or Mentalitydescribed by MH or BPH in Sweden.


Our dogs live as familymembers, 'cause that is what we breed. Familymembers.

We want our puppybuyers to feel that buying a puppy from us is being part of our family & therefore they get lifetime support from us & are always free to call, email or text us.


If you have any questions about us or our dogs. Feel free to contact us! You find all you need to do so here

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